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But people are going to draw their own conclusions. For Miller, that requires reentering the world in a major way as he releases his third major-label album and fifth overall , Swimming. The track set is a sonic head-trip drenched in synths, sultry grooves and funky hooks.

Mac Miller Had the Best Year Ever

I can find people that say they wish I would just rap and not sing. I can find people that say they wish I would sing and not rap. All that shit is confusing. You might as well just figure out yourself what you wanna do. If nothing else, he says, being out in the world and seeing those that care about him is the best prescription for putting his recent trials in perspective.

'Live From Space' is a mix of live recordings and unreleased songs.

Ever since he was a child growing up in Pittsburgh, the son of a photographer mother and architect father, Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, bent the world to his will. As he gained success, Miller did the same thing to himself, plotting out a new phase for his career after each accomplishment, making progressively more ambitious music. For his most effective albums, like Movies and Feminine, Miller tends to recede from the spotlight to focus on his music.

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  • Mac Miller Had the Best Year Ever.
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His recent retreat from public life was no different — he spent extensive time in the studio for Swimming , going through months of false starts and dead ends before he realized he needed to create a throughline for the album, or at least a specific vibe to aim toward. If all I have to do at the end of the day is live with myself, I can figure that out.

The following afternoon, Miller is back in L.

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After the listening party, he took a red-eye back west, stayed up until the early-morning hours and then, after a few hours of sleep, woke up at noon. It felt great. And then Frank Dukes has worked on a bunch of my records, but we had never met, so he came through too. And then Thundercat appeared and we all started jamming.

I can barely take care of my dog. Clarke Tolton for RollingStone.

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Newswire Powered by. Coming on the scene with a throwback style that betrayed his years, Pittsburgh-based rapper and producer Mac Miller combined languid vocals, playful rhymes, and hypnotic production influenced by OutKast , Beastie Boys , A Tribe Called Quest , and Lauryn Hill. His debut, Blue Slide Park, topped the charts upon release. Miller followed up with the Top Three-charting Swimming in , but the rapper died a month after the album's release.

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His KIDS mixtape became his breakthrough when it was released in August of , earning plenty of attention from hip-hop blogs and landing Miller a recording contract with Rostrum Records. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard His seventh mixtape, Macadelic, arrived the next year, featuring appearances by Kendrick Lamar , Juicy J , Cam'ron , Lil Wayne , and more the set was later remastered for a spring release. A year later he signed with Warner Bros. The single " Grandkids" peaked appropriately at number , while "Weekend" was certified gold.

Just a year after GO: Paak , who lent his soulful rasp to first single "Dang!